Blue Mountain Industries

Blue Mountain Industries (BMI) is a non-profit organization that serves dozens of innovative job seekers, all of whom are skilled, qualified and ready for work. BMI aligns job seekers’ strengths with businesses’ needs, creating unique employment opportunities that increase productivity, decrease turnover rates, boost team morale, and save businesses time and money.

In addition to introducing job seekers to employers, BMI may assist with training procedures. As the worker masters their work, the job coach will fade out but stay in contact with the employer and worker. BMI job coaches view themselves as free laborers who unhesitatingly complete any task that will benefit the business while also supporting the worker. 

Here is what current employers have to say about BMI’s services:

Q: In what ways did the BMI worker allow other employees to work more flexibly?    

A: “She was able to take small tasks off our hands so that we were able to focus on other things”– Andrew Thonney, owner of Livit Coffee Co.     

Q: How have BMI’s job coaching services benefitted your business? 

A: “They reduce the amount of time used in training, a significant problem associated with any new employees”–Ron Klicker, owner of Klicker’s

Q: How has hiring a person with a disability benefitted your business?

A: “She is loved by residents and patients by bringing positive work flow”– Human Resources, Columbia County Hospital District 

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