Ara McMenemy-Chabre

Ara McMenemy-Chabre currently works at Klicker Store, bagging produce, mowing lawns, and helping break down recyclable boxes (as Klicker’s receives new shipments daily). Ara also collects the annual gourds and pumpkins from the field for sale, and helps maintain the exterior of the store by sweeping away debris. When he lived within walking distance, Ara walked to work most days, arriving right when the store opened, ready for work. Because he values his independence, he prefers to walk whenever possible, both for exercise and to accomplish errands. As an outgoing person, Ara finds it natural to build rapport with those he works. Ron, Ara’s supervisor, describes Ara as “enthusiastic, willing, fun and loving.” Ron further asserts that hiring Ara increases work productivity for all employees. 

On summer weekends, you may find Ara at Walla Walla’s farmers’ market, helping to collect ingredients for pizzas he helps make at home. He frequently talks about his favorite cars (whether that be a souped-up eight-speed minivan or a tractor which has tires taller and wider than Ara is tall). Ara is a passionate Bon Jovi fan (he has the hair to match, thanks to quarantine) and sings along to his favorite songs (which obviously includes ‘Living on a Prayer’ and ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’). Ara is very creative. One of his hobbies is making beaded jewelry – as part of a recent exhibit featuring his artist parents, he had several of his necklaces on display at Combine Art Collective in downtown Walla Walla. He also loves to color in coloring books with intricate, complex designs.  Click here to see more of Ara’s art!

Ara seeks another customized employment opportunity where he helps the employer accomplish some of their most pressing tasks. Such an employment opportunity could include (but is not limited to) organizing office or other supplies, assembling take-out boxes, disinfecting commonly used items, and more. Ara’s dream job is working at a car or truck dealership where he can assist with car sales in some capacity (by maintaining a clean lobby, vacuuming cars’ interiors, ensuring staff have tools/materials they need, et cetera). As an open-minded individual, Ara is excited by new opportunities. Contact Contact BMI at (509) 525-5433 to meet Ara.