Benefits of Hiring a Blue Mountain Industries Job Seeker:

Benefits of Hiring a Blue Mountain Industries Job Seeker:

Pre-Screened Employees

Blue Mountain Industries’ employment consultants always introduce skilled, qualified job seekers to businesses who will excel at work

Increase Productivity

BMI job seekers specialize in completing pertinent tasks (e.g., custodial tasks, prepping food, etc.), allowing the business to work more flexibly 

Access to Free Job Coaching

BMI’s employment consultants may assist with the training process, saving supervisors’ time and energy 

Employment Support 

Employment consultants maintain contact with both the employer and employee to ensure both are successful in the long term  

Work Opportunity Tax Credit 

Upon hiring a person with a disability, the business may qualify for the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit 

Job Retention

BMI’s punctual, innovative job seekers have increased businesses’ productivity, reduced their turnover rate, and improved their workplace morale. According to a study conducted by De Paul University, people with disabilities had significantly fewer scheduled absences than those without disabilities. 

Attract New Customers

According to a recent study, 87% consumers indicated they prefer to do business with companies that hire people with disabilities. Further, 92% of these consumers view companies that hire people with disabilities more favorably. 

** Employment consultants meet with employers to help secure jobs; job coaches provide on-site support to help maintain employment. In some cases, the same BMI employee may be both an employment consultant and job coach, as they provide both services

Partial list of companies  that have supported BMI’s job seekers: 

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin


The Market by Andy’s

Del Taco


Green Valley Gardens


My Dad’s Place

Walla Walla Parks and Recreation 

Pizza Hut


Livit Coffee Co. 

Divine Serendipity Day Spa

The Showroom

Nelson Irrigation

Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Walla Walla Public Library

Department of Social Health Services

Department of Licensing


Commonly Asked Questions: 

Q: How do I hire a person with a disability? 

A: If hiring a BMI job seeker is suitable for your business, you should proceed with the hiring processes in place. There is no additional paperwork that needs to be filled out. A BMI employment consultant may help you create a work routine for the new worker. 

Q: How much will job accommodations cost? 

A: According to this study, 68% of job accommodations range between $0 and $500. Further, for every dollar a company spent to accommodate an employee with a disability, they received $29 in benefits.

Q: What if a worker with a disability gets injured at work?

In the event that a person with a disability gets injured at work, the company should follow the procedures in place to file an injury claim. Since BMI employment consultants always introduce businesses to competent job candidates, the likelihood of the worker with a disability getting injured is equivalent to that of other employees. 

Q: Could I face legal liabilities for terminating a person with a disability? 

A: If a worker with a disability does not meet business standards and has been given appropriate accommodations to meet them, the business should follow the termination policies in place 

Blue Mountain Industries wants your business to succeed; to do so, it seeks to create mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses in the Walla Walla Valley.  BMI consultants are there to offer their services to you every step of the way.