Carla Morrow

Carla is an outgoing, charismatic person who, without fail, can brighten any person’s day (one will notice this moments after meeting her). Always optimistic and energized to tackle any task, Carla will make an excellent addition to any company’s team. 

For nearly a decade, Carla has worked for Lillie Rice Center’s mobile janitorial crew. There, she worked with a crew of about five people (including Robert White) clean and reset various businesses and agencies (Department of Social Health Services, Walla Walla Public Library, etc.). During winter 2019, Carla began working at Divine Serendipity Day Spa. When the business was closed, Carla cleaned and put away (the nearly endless) laundry, prepared all rooms for guests, and disinfected commonly touched items and surfaces. Sheila Hadley, the owner of the spa, says ‘Carla is a great pleasure to work with. She works on days when the spa is closed, helping clean and reset my business so that I am ready to go when I open. Hiring someone in a customized position could be immensely beneficial for small businesses.’

When thinking about customized employment, Carla will excel in a guest service setting (e.g., coffee shop or restaurant). She will be a great team member who greets customers, helps prepare commonly used items (grind coffee, help prepare takeout orders, restock merchandise), and complete tasks that other employees do not have time for during peak business hours (clean work areas and machines like coffee grinders and blenders). Drawing upon her work experience at Lillie Rice Center and Divine Serendipity, Carla is confident and excited for new opportunities. Her ideal schedule ranges between five and fifteen hours per week. Contact BMI at (509) 525-5433 to be introduced to Carla.