Dayton Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet 2018

On November 8th, 2018 the Dayton Chamber of Commerce hosted its Annual Awards Banquet, where the theme for 2018 is “Embrace CommUNITY.”

The Dayton Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization located in Columbia County, and operates within the city of Dayton Washington.

A representative from Blue Mountain Industries and Lillie Rice Center was there to educate and promote Columbia County community members about the services provided to adults with disabilities in the local area.

Mary Ann Ward, an Employment Specialist for Blue Mountain Industries was happy to showcase Lillie Rice Center and Blue Mountain Industries.

This event provided an opportunity for the Dayton Chamber of Commerce to detail its mission, as well as an opportunity to pay tribute to the exceptional citizens, businesses and organizations in the local community.

Lillie Rice Center and Blue Mountain Industries is proud to partnership with Columbia County, and to serve individuals with disabilities in the Dayton area.
Thank you Dayton Chamber of Commerce!