Employment Candidates

Below is a list of potential candidates who match employers’ various needs. To learn more about each individual, click on their link and read their bio!

Shawn Ahmann

From digging holes to raking leaves, helping plant trees to mowing lawns, Shawn does everything with tact and a smile. In addition to his skillset, Shawn exudes positivity and has a natural ability to brighten other people’s day (one will seldom find Shawn without an ear-to-ear grin).


Ara McMenemy-Chabre

Ara’s dream job is working at a car or truck dealership where he can assist with car sales in some capacity (by maintaining a clean lobby, vacuuming cars’ interiors, ensuring staff have tools/materials they need, et cetera). As an open-minded individual, Ara is excited by new opportunities.

Kade Kennedy

Compassionate, selfless, driven; these words best describe Kade Kennedy as a worker. Though no one is exempt from having an ‘off’ day, Kade is a persistent, determined worker whose work ethic ensures that his team is always successful. 

Robert White

Though there is no conceivable work environment in which Robert will not thrive, he performs his best work in hands-on scenarios. From custodial to food preparation, data entry to customer service positions, Robert works tirelessly to complete all jobs to the highest quality. 

Carla Morrow

Carla will excel in a guest service setting. She will be a great team member who greets customers, helps prepare commonly used items (grind coffee, help prepare takeout orders, restock merchandise), and complete tasks that other employees may not have time for during peak business hours. Carla is confident and excited for new opportunities.

Ashley Medutis 

Ashley Medutis is a self-less, motivated worker whose work contributes to the big picture. As a recent high school graduate, Ashley seeks to enter the workforce and work between five and fifteen hours per week. 


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