Kade Kennedy

Compassionate, selfless, driven; these words best describe Kade Kennedy as a worker. Through Wa-Hi’s Step Program, Kade worked at Grocery Outlet where he unloaded freight, stocked and faced inventory, and provided carry out services for customers. All of Kade’s work increased the team’s productivity, allowing them to perform the best that they could. Moreover, Kade worked at TMACS as a morning custodian, helping clean and reset the restaurant. Through snow, rain, and single-digit weather, Kade always arrived on time, ready to work.

Though Kade is open to any customized employment opportunity, Kade prefers to work in either a restaurant or a store setting. In a restaurant, Kade could replenish customers’ drinks, bring them menus, take and/or deliver orders, complete ‘behind the scene tasks’ (e.g., preparing commonly used items), and more. Similar to his work at Grocery Outlet, Kade could help a store manage inventory, disinfect commonly touched items and surfaces, and help the team complete the most pertinent tasks (e.g., unload shipment and stock inventory as it arrives). Kade firmly believes that a cohesive, professional, friendly team may accomplish anything that it faces. 

Though Kade has lived his entire life in Walla Walla, he fervently roots for the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you see someone walking around in a black, teal, and gold leather jacket, odds are it’s Kade (as there are at most a dozen jaguar fans in Walla Walla). The management of the Jaguars makes Kade want to pull his hair out: If one player has a bad game, they are seemingly always cut from the roster. Though no one is exempt from having an ‘off’ day, Kade is a persistent, determined worker whose work ethic ensures that his team is always successful.