Shawn Ahmann

Shawn Ahmann currently works at Lillie Rice Center in Walla Walla, WA. For nearly fifteen years, Shawn has helped Lillie Rice Center fulfill its production contracts with Nelson Irrigation and groundskeeping contracts with various agencies (VA Medical Center, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Social Health Services, etc.). Additionally, Shawn worked at Green Valley Gardens as a groundskeeper and frequently volunteers outside at Fort Walla Walla. From digging holes to raking leaves, helping plant trees to mowing lawns, Shawn does everything with tact and a smile. In addition to his skillset, Shawn exudes positivity and has a natural ability to brighten other people’s day (one will seldom find Shawn without an ear-to-ear grin).


When not at work, Shawn enjoys training at the Muscle Shack and spending time with friends and family. Summoning the strength of Superman and Hulk Hogan, Shawn’s favorite superhero and wrestler, he’ll challenge anyone to arm wrestling (though he has more than enough strength on his own). Shawn also competes in track and field and routinely beats others in bowling (he has the medals to prove it). 

As a lover of outdoor work, Shawn tackles some of the most physically demanding jobs, including cleaning the exterior of a business, providing carryout services and gathering shopping carts, helping unload shipments and stocking shelves, and more. To learn more about Shawn’s qualifications, refer to his attached resume. To arrange a time to meet Shawn, contact BMI at (509) 525-5433.