Sherwood Trust CORE Grant Award

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Blue Mountain Industries LLC’s community based employment services program has been awarded $65,000 from the 2018 CORE Grant from Sherwood Trust. The purpose of the Grant Award is for supporting the creation and growth of our services, and in turn aided in the creation of Blue Mountain Industries LLC and the transformation of Lillie Rice Center’s services.

The program supported through Sherwood Trust provides a pathway for individuals with disabilities to overcome barriers to individual and integrated community employment, with the potential to earn at least minimum wage or above.

Blue Mountain Industries LLC staff will be working to transition clients out of congregate and facility based settings and into integrated community based settings that are inclusive of people with a broad range of capabilities and diversity; a combination of individuals with and without disabilities working side by side.

Services funded in part by this CORE grant award are highly individualized, and use a person centered approach that develops objectives and outcomes centered on the individual and their specific skill set. There is a real need in securing employment opportunities for our communities population of individuals with disabilities. By focusing as much on employers needs as on its client’s needs, Blue Mountain Industries LLC will seek to strategize and design specialized employment positions that are valuable, meaningful, and deliver a measurable benefit to all parties involved.




Thank you Sherwood Trust for your support!